What is the Glycemic Index Table

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What is the Glycemic Index Table?

In the scientific literature there are two types of tables for the glycemic indexes of foods: the first take as the reference for maximum GI glucose, in the other table the reference food for the maximum GI is the white bread, a food of wide use more close to everyday reality

(compared to the classical glucose), which often has the problem to have a blood glucose value variable depending on the origin of wheat, flour milling, fermentation process and, not least, the cooking.

The conversion factor between the tables is 1.37 ... example: the zucchini has a glycemic index of 15, then multiplying x 1.37 you get a GI of 20.5

The glucose thus represents the best reference because always causes the same physiological reaction which corresponds to an intestinal absorption of 100%.

Remember that to calculate the GI of a meal is enough to make the average of the ingested food and not the sum as the calories ........ but I give you my advice ..... just skip the math and EAT in peace and serenity because when you know the method there is no need to count!




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