The history and falsity of the calories system

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The history and falsity of the calories system

In 1850 the English physicist James Prescott Joule gave its name to both the measurement of the work (which is the force for moving measured in joules) and the unit of measure of the thermal energy (which is called calorie) and from them sprang the principles of thermodynamics. .....

after many years of experiments, two doctors joined the human body to the sensational discovery of Joule stating the fateful phrase: "the body BURNS calories". This quote is now accepted as true in the subconscious of 99.9% of the people living on this planet .. think .... what is taught in medical schools around the world to educate new doctors that should cure us ...... now I ask you: why low calorie diets have now only 3% of success? Why many nutritionists combine medications to diets today? Why in the public and private health environments are recommended gastric bands, liposuction or other similar systems to lose weight?

The nutritionists are serious professionals, but they have had and have as a core element in their studies the system of calories.

Everyone knows, and have now accepted as true, that fats and proteins as they are transformed into calories, get fat .... nothing further from the truth!

You should know that these two macroelements have a glycemic index of ZERO, to lose weight it can be introduced safely pork, butter, oil, cream etc etc

I think the human body is the best biochemical "machine" of the earth, therefore is a logic to move towards biochemistry, and not to the system of the calories that it is now completely obsolete.


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